AOE2 20 Population Scout Rush Build Order

AOE2 Scout Rush Build order 20 population
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This AOE2 Scout rush build order is a fast, hard hitting scout rush, advancing at 20 population. This build order can be used with any civilization and is faster than the standard meta build order by Cicero as this one advances 1 or 2 villagers sooner. It is essentially the same build order as the 21 population scout rush but has 1 less wood villager. This means that you are able to attack the enemy quickly, gain map control and potentially attack them before they have been able to wall their base. This build order does work better if you’re able to push deer but you can do it without. 

It has become my go-to build order when I want to complete a scout rush with a generic civ and I have had good success with it. As always, try to use hit and run tactics, picking off villagers when there is a good opportunity to do so. Try to distract you opponent and force them to make mistakes or have an idle town centre. Beware of committing to fighting with spearmen as you will lose unless you have a good number of scouts. The best civilizations to scout rush with this build order would be Slavs, Magyars and Sicilians. The Sicilians have a civilization bonus where land units take 50% less bonus damage. This makes Sicilian scouts really tanky and, with bloodlines, can 1v1 a spearman! This means that they perform even better than Frank scouts! A great build order to use for players familiar with the 21 population scout rush.

AOE2 Scout rush build order at 20 population is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
3 wood
1 lure boar 
1 house then berries
3 berries
3 boar
2 wood
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

           make barracks + house
           Move 4 from sheep to wood (3 if pushed deer)

Feudal Age

make stable 
Research double bit axe and horse collar
New villagers to straggler trees
Make farms every time you have 60 wood

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