AOE2 Vietnamese Archer Rush Build Order

AOE2 Vietnamese Archer Rush Build ORder
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This AOE2 Vietnamese Archer Rush is one of the strongest in the game. It takes advantage of the Vietnamese civ bonuses of eco upgrades not requiring wood but also the fact that Vietnamese archery range units have an extra 20% HP, giving you some really tanky archers that even stand up ok vs skirmishers. The fact that the eco upgrades do not require wood means that you will not need as much wood to be collected whilst advancing to the Feudal Age. This means that you can complete the build order at 21 population rather than the generic 23 population as per Cicero’s Archer Rush build order.

The early up time means that you can mass archers sooner and attack the enemy early and with 20% extra HP! As you know, speed is everything in this game and getting your archers 50 seconds earlier will give you a good advantage over your opponent! You might find food lacking slightly in the early stages but you should be able to maintain constant villager production and get the eco upgrades and fletching but the addition of a few skirmishers might be delayed. But who needs skirmishers when you have 20% extra HP and a quicker mass or archer? 🙂

The AOE2 Vietnamese Archer Rush is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood
1 lure boar
1 make 2 houses then to berries
2 boar
3 berries (lure 2nd boar)
2 boar/sheep
1 wood
Click Feudal
Whilst Advancing

Move 3 from sheep to gold
Move 4 to trees
1 from sheep make house & barracks

Feudal Age

Make 2 Ranges (another from sheep)
5 new villagers to gold
Research double bit axe
Make blacksmith
Research Fletching
New villagers to stragglers
Make farms with straggler villagers

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