AOE2 Turks Fast Imperial Build Order

AOE2 Turks Fast imperial build order
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This AOE2 Turks Fast Imperial build order takes advantage of the fact that they receive the free chemistry tech upon reaching the Imperial Age This means that you can quickly mass a lot of strong hand cannoneers and some bombard cannons with which to attack your opponent. The fact that the scout line receives free upgrades as well can also be really beneficial if you would prefer to mass hussar to support your bombard cannons. That could be a really good option given the extra pierce armour that they have. This is a really strong strategy in team games where your ally can give you resources to take advantage of the very early Imperial Age power spike that you would receive. 

The AOE2 Turks Fast Imperial strategy works really well on Black Forest and other closed maps like Arena and Hideout. Even Hideout would be risky since the dark age wall nerf. It is not really suitable for open maps like Arabia. The reason for this is that your base will be very vulnerable to an attack, so it is vital that you are in a walled base. 

As the Turks don’t really benefit from an economy bonus, this build order could technically be used with any civilization. However, the question is whether there would be any benefit from doing so. You would have to invest heavily in to upgrading your units meaning that it would take a long time to get an army together. If your ally is giving you resources, it could possibly work in a team game.

The AOE2 Build order for the Turks Fast Imperial is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood
1 new villager to lure boar
1 to make 2 houses then to berries
3 to berries (lure 2nd boar)  
4 wood
(gradually start making farms from sheep)  
5 to sheep
4 to gold
click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

move 3 from sheep to straggler trees
when sheep are finished, make farms (9)

Feudal Age

make blacksmith and market
2 new vills to gold
click castle age
Whilst Advancing
make 3 farms with the builders
research double bit axe
sell stone
berry villagers go to wood
Castle Age
2 to gold
make siege workshop and monastery
use market to click imperial age
Whilst Advancing

make 2 ranges

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