AOE2 Tower Rush Build Orders

What Is A Tower Rush?

A tower rush is where you advance to the feudal age as soon as possible and then sacrifice your economy in order to dominate with towers. Half of your economy will be tied up with towers, whether that be through mining stone instead of food or due to the 5 villagers that you normally send forward to build the towers with. Ideally, you’ll want to collect wood or stone with those forward villagers so that your economy back at your base can stabilize by moving villagers from stone or wood (whichever your forward villagers are collecting) to food.

Usually, with a tower rush, you want to target the enemy resources such as woodlines, berries, gold and stone. Stone is always a good one to target to prevent the enemy from making counter towers.

The AOE2 tower rush is not as popular as it has been in the past. This is due to the game developers making towers weaker and easier to destroy with just villagers. Once upon a time, this was such a strong strategy that you faced it every other game, usually against Koreans who have strong bonuses towards this strategy. Here you will find a very quick tower rush build order that can be used with any civ, the Inca tower rush and the man at arms and towers build order.


The Best Tower Rush Civilizations?

The best civilizations to complete a tower rush in AOE2 with are:-

  • Koreans – Koreans used to build towers 33% faster than other civilizations however this was removed in the definitive edition. Their stone miners do still collect stone 20% fast however which means that you can have 1 less villager mining stone. This will give you a slightly better economy, with an extra food villager. Tower upgrades are also free.
  • Incas – The Incas have a civ bonus where buildings require 15% less stone making their towers cheaper. Their villagers also benefit from infantry blacksmith upgrades meaning that, in large numbers, they can easily over power the enemy villagers whilst tower rushing.
  • Teutons – Teutons can garrison twice as many units in their towers, meaning that they can shoot more arrows. The cheaper wood cost to make farms will also help towards making towers.
  • Spanish – Buildings, including towers, are built 30% faster
AOE2 tower rush build order

18 Pop Tower Rush

A very early tower rush which you can use to push your opponent away from key resources early in the Feudal Age.

AOE2 Man at arms and towers build order

Man-At-Arms Into Towers

A towers can be easily destroyed by villagers. Use Man at arms to protect them, raid and deny military production buildings being built.

AOE2 Donjon rush build order sicilians

Sicilian Donjon Rush

This build order is based on the 18 population tower rush but advances with 20 population. The Donjon also allows the creation of Serjeants

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