AOE2 Tower Rush Build Order

AOE2 tower rush build order
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This AOE2 tower rush build order is a generic build order that can be completed with any civilization. The old meta used to be that a tower rush is completed with perhaps 20 or 21 population so that your economy is not compromised. With the game changing to a more closed off meta where players wall up their base earlier, there was a need for a quicker tower rush. Previously, the Korean 19 population tower rush was considered to be the best and fastest tower rush in the game due to their eco bonus of collecting stone more quickly. This build order is quicker than that and can probably be adapted to 17 population with Koreans. 

This build order can be a bit “all-in” though and can leave your economy vulnerable to attack and slow to develop. If you can cause enough damage and chaos at your opponents base you should be ok. Enemy wood collection should be the main target. if you can take them off of wood, eventually they will not be able to make farms or even relocate to build a new lumber camp somewhere else due to the lack of wood saved. When placing towers, ideally you will want to build walls around them so that they enemy cannot tear them down with villagers. 

Towers are a lot more fragile than they used to be and as such, this is no longer as strong a strategy as it used to be. A man at arms rush with towers is generally better as the man at arms can kill and villagers that try to attack the towers and also raid the enemy economy, although it is a much later build than this one. This tower rush build order is all about speed and causing as much chaos as possible. If you’re uncomfortable with being vulnerable and having a poor economy, maybe add 2 or 3 villagers extra to the build order to wood or farms and wall up your base. 

The AOE2 Tower rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
2 to wood (with Lumber Camp)
1 to lure boar
1 more to boar
2 berries with mill
5 sheep (lure 2nd boar with existing boar villager)
Click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Take 5 villagers from food to the enemy base
take 4 villagers from food to stone

Feudal Age

2 new villagers to wood
make towers on enemy resources
grow economy as usual (a few more on wood then farms and a few on gold)

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