AOE2 Teutons Scout Rush Build Order

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order Teutons
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This AOE2 Scout rush build order has been designed for the Teutons and takes advantage of their cheaper farm cost. Due to this civilization bonus, you’re able to begin with just 2 on wood as you won’t need to bank up so much wood for later in the game. This build order does work without deer pushing but it is recommended that you push 2 deer in order to delay farms a little longer.

This AOE2 scout rush build order is good in terms of being able to make scouts sooner and attack the enemy, however, as with most fast build orders, it does leave walling a little late. This should be ok, as you will be attacking the enemy and distracting his army. This will allow you time to wall up whilst you cause a distraction in their base and pick off villagers. Just beware of enemy spearman!

As always with a scout rush build order, try to use hit and run tactics in order to distract and delay your opponent and picking off villagers when possible. It’s usually a good idea to have your scouts in box formation as they are easier to control. Also, have them on the stand ground stance so that they don’t follow villagers to the town centre and die when you aren’t looking. Stand ground also helps when targeting a particular unit to attack. When using aggressive stance, although you have clicked on a particular unit to attack, often some of the scouts will just attack the closest unit to them if they can’t instantly get to the target. This doesn’t happen with stand ground selected.

I would probably class the AOE2 Teutons Scout rush build order as an intermediate AOE2 build order due to how tight on resources the build order can be, but it is certainly effective in delaying the enemy walls and causing havoc due to the earlier attack.

AOE2 Teutons Scout rush build order at 19 population is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
2 wood
1 lure boar 
1 house then berries
1 berries
5 boar (optional - push 2 deer)
2 wood
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

           Make barracks + house
           Move 4 from sheep to wood (1st lumber camp)
Move 4 from sheep to berries
Move 1 from sheep to straggler trees

Feudal Age

make stable 
Research double bit axe and horse collar
New villagers to straggler trees
Make farms every time you have 60 wood

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