AOE2 Sicilians Fast First Crusade Build Order

AOE2 Sicilian fast first crusade build order
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This AOE2 Sicilian Fast First Crusade Build Order is possibly the craziest build order that I have personally developed myself. Realistically, it only really works on Hideout, Black forest and Amazon Tunnel, but it can be used in team games on other maps where your allies can protect you in the Feudal Age. The aim of this build order is to fast castle, make a castle and 4 new town centres and research first crusade, all before 19 minutes! I have used this quite a few times on Hideout and have had good success with it.

This AOE2 build order is essentially an adaptation of the fast castle into unique unit build order, with a few slight tweaks. If you’re unsure of what first crusade is, it’s the Sicilian’s unique tech that enables you to spawn 7 Serjeants from a maximum of 5 town centres. This build order takes advantage of the Sicilians civ bonus of faster building of castles and town centres, being built 100% faster. The Serjeants are quite strong units, especially in the castle age and with blacksmith upgrades and this results in a hard hitting rush that will cause the enemy to panic, especially if they have just been booming their economy!

This is just the 2nd build order that I have for the Sicilians since their introduction to the game by the Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Lords Of The West DLC.

The AOE2 Sicilians Build order for a fast first crusade is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 to wood
1 boar
1 to build 2 houses then to berries 4 to berries (lure 2nd boar)
2 more to boar, make 2 farms with weak villagers 6 new villagers to wood, make 2 houses 2 gold 2 stone Click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Move 3 sheep to stone, make 4 farms

Feudal Age

2 new villager to stone
immediately make a market with 2 villagers
immediately make a blacksmith with 1 villager
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing
move 2 from farms to wood
research double bit axe and stone mining
move 2 from berries to gold, 3 from berries to stone
Castle Age
Make castle with stone villagers
Make 3 town centres
*you will now need to use the market a bit*
before 18 minutes, research 1st crusade
make 4th new town centre before 1st crusade finishes
Advance with army, start making villagers and get blacksmith techs


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