AOE2 Scouts Into Archers Build Order

AOE2 Scouts into archers build order
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This AOE2 Scouts into Archers build order is a generic build that can be used with any civilization as it does not take in to account and civ bonuses. The aim of this build order is to hit your enemy early with a scout rush before changing in to an archer rush. Your goal with the archers is to harass the enemy resources such as the woodlines but to not needlessly throw them away as the main aim is to be able to mass the up so that you have a large number of them to upgrade to crossbowmen upon reaching the castle age. 

The dark age and early feudal age part of the build order is just the standard 21 population AOE2 scout rush build order but following this will help with that transition to crossbows. The good thing about this build order is that if your opponent makes skirmisher to counter your archers, the scouts will be able to counter them quite easily. Likewise, if the enemy makes spears, the archers will take care of them.

The Scouts Into Archers build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
3 to wood (with Lumber Camp)
1 boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
3 berries
1 2nd boar
2 boar, move weak villagers to farms
3 wood with 2nd lumber camp
Click up to Feudal Age

Whilst Advancing

As soon as you click up, send 4 villagers from sheep to wood (5 in total per lumber camp) 
when feudal age is half way completed, make a barracks with a wood villager.

Feudal Age

Make a stable once Feudal age comes in and research double bit axe
and horse collar
make 3-5 new scouts
all new villagers to farms (total 10-14 farms)
8 new villagers to go to gold
when berries run out, send 2 vills to gold and 2 to wood
make 2 ranges and a blacksmith when you can, start making archers and research fletching

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