AOE2 Scout Rush Build Orders

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order

Basic Scout Rush

Another build order from the Cicero build order mod. This is completed at 21 population and is great for beginners.

AOE2 Mongols Scout rush build order

18 Pop Mongol Scouts

An intermediate level build order that enables you to attack quickly by advancing at 18 population due to the Mongols hunting bonus.

AOE2 Scout Rush Build order 20 population

20 pop Scout Rush

A hard hitting Scout Rush, the 20 population scout rush is the fastest generic scout rush build order there is.

AOE2 Scout Rush Lithuanians build order

18 Pop Lithuanian Scouts

One of the fastest scout rushes in the game. Advance with 18 population using their eco bonus on +150 starting food

AOE2 Scouts into Skirmishers build order

Scouts Into Skirmishers

This build order starts with the generic 21 population scout rush build order but adds skirmishers to protect the scouts from spearmen.

AOE2 Franks Scout Rush Build order

19 Pop Franks Scouts

An intermediate build order that advances with 19 population due to the Franks berry gathering bonus and free horse collar.‚Äč

AOE2 Scouts into archers build order

Scouts Into Archers

Opening with 21 pop scouts, this build order transitions in to archers to kill spearman and to go into mass crossbows in the Castle Age

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order Teutons

19 Pop Teutons Scouts

An intermediate build order that advances with 19 population due to the Teutons cheaper farms meaning less banked wood is needed.

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