Standard AOE2 Scout Rush Build Order

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order
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This is the standard AOE2 Scout Rush build order for the standard 21 population scout rush as demonstrated in Cicero’s build order mod. The standard meta for scouts is 21 or 22 population however a lot of civilizations can scout rush much sooner. Civilizations such as the Mongols, can do either 16 or 18 population, Lithuanians 18 population and Franks can complete a 19 population scout rush. 

This is a great build order for new players and should be one of the first feudal rush build order that should be learnt. A scout rush is great for harassing the enemy woodlines, berries and gold and pack enough of a punch to be able to kill villagers. if you only have a few scouts, you would benefit from hit and run tactics as much as possible because even a big enough mass of villagers can kill scouts.

When raiding with scouts, it’s a good idea to use the box formation as it makes controlling them much easier as they stay compacted in the box shape rather than keep re-organising into a line each time you change direction. It’s also a good idea to attack with the stand ground stance so that they don’t follow villagers to the town centre and be shot by the arrows from garrisoned villagers. If you see spearmen defending….run!

The standard AOE2 Scout Rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
3 to wood (with LC)
1 boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
3 berries
1 2nd boar 
2 boar, move weak villagers to farms 
3 wood with 2nd lumber camp
Click up

Whilst Advancing

As soon as you click up, send 4 villagers from sheep to wood (5 in total per lumber camp)
when feudal age is half way completed, make a barracks with a wood villager.

Feudal Age

Make a stable once Feudal age comes in and research double bit axe
and horse collar
make 3-5 new scouts
all new villagers to farms (total 10-14 farms)

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