AOE2 Portuguese Fast Imperial Build Order - Fortress

AOE2 Portuguese fast imperial fortress build order
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This AOE2 Portuguese Fast Imperial build order can only be used on Fortress. Due to the Fortress map starting with 10 villagers and a castle, you’re able to reach Imperial Age in 15 minutes and begin making a lot of Feitoria. This build order also takes advantage of the Portuguese civ bonus of having faster technology research times, which helps to advance through the ages quickly.

With your economy mainly being Feitoria, you’re then able to make military buildings and quickly make an army to then raid your opponent and smash down their walls with bombard cannons. Quite a tricky build order to complete but could be quite a fun one to use if Fortress ever appears in the map pool.

I think the AOE2 Portuguese fast imperial build order could possibly be adapted to be able to complete on Arena but it isn’t something I have looked in to. It would certainly be slower than 15 minutes as the castle and extra 6 villagers on Fortress really help to boost this build order. It would be interesting to see how viable this could be on Arena if a build order was developed for it.

The AOE2 Build order for the Portuguese Fast Imperial on Fortress is as follows:-

Dark Age

5 Starting Villagers to farms
2 Starting Villagers to berries
3 Starting Villagers to wood
1 new villager to lure boar
move farm villagers to boar
5 new villagers to boar (lure 2nd boar)  
3 to berries
4 to farms (move 3 from boar to farms)  
Move 8 from boar to gold
click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

move 3 from gold to wood

Feudal Age

3 new villagers to gold
make blacksmith with berry vill
make market with 3 wood vills
market builders go back to gold
click castle age
Whilst Advancing
use market to get 1000f 800g
berry vills go to stone
move farmers to stone (2 to make houses)
Castle Age

Immediately click Imperial age
Imperial Age

make 6 Feitorias

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