AOE2 Persian Douche Build Order

AOE2 Persian Douche Build order
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The AOE2 Persian Douche is the most annoying strategy in the game, hence the name! This AOE2 Persian Douche build order is fairly straight forward to do. The Persians have a unique civilization bonus where their town centres have double the HP of a normal town centre. This means that you’re able to delete and then rebuild your town centre in range of the enemy town centre, garrison the villagers inside and then destroy the enemy town centre. As this is going to happen in the Dark Age, your opponent will not have an army to fight off your villagers and will not be able to make a tower to prevent it. Just make sure that you wall around your villagers because the enemy will attack you with their villagers. 

This strategy can be used on any open map in the game and is often seen on Arabia. Pro-Finnish players, especially Rubenstock, are masters of the Persian Douche. And they have even used this strategy in tournaments!

This strategy is guaranteed to cause chaos and leave the enemy economy in tatters. The enemy may rebuild their town centre somewhere else. If that happens, just delete your town centre and repeat! Often thought to be not a sportsmanlike strategy, you may get some salt from your opponent. There are many ways to be a douche in AOE2, this is probably the best way! 

The AOE2 Build order for the Persian Douche is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
3 wood with lumber camp
1 new villager to lure boar
1 more to wood
1 to make a house and then a mill at the berries
7 new villagers to boar or sheep (lure 2nd boar)
Research Loom

send 10 villagers forward to the enemy base
Delete town centre and make a new one at the enemy base in range of their town centre
send sheep to new town centre (with scout escort)
You don’t need to repair the town centre but if you decide to, just use 2 villagers
wall in your villagers at you old base
Repeat if needed

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