AOE2 18 Population Mongol Scout Rush

AOE2 Mongols Scout rush build order
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The AOE2 Mongol Scout Rush build order is one of the fastest Scout Rushes in the game. This 18 population scout rush is only beaten only by the Khmer and the Mongol 16 population scout rush. The 16 population scout rush is really tight and involves pushing deer to your town centre. This one is easier to do and still super fast. The reason that this build order is possible at 18 population is due to the Mongol civ bonus. Their civ bonus is that huntable food is collected more quickly that other civilizations and gives them a huge boost in food. The AOE2 Mongol Scout rush at either 16 or 18 population is great on any open map, but really excels on maps with lots of boar and deer like Scandinavia and valley.

With this build order, you should be able to reach your enemy base before they have had the chance to fully wall up. This means that you can go and raid their economy and kill villagers. Watch out for spearmen and continue to use hit and run tactics as you would with any scout rush and you should be fine. When you are raiding, it’s a good idea to keep them on stand ground so that they don’t follow villagers to the town centre and get shot. If your enemy manages to mass up a few spearmen, add a range and make some skirmishers to counter them. Overall, this rush is very effective due to the speed of it but it can be quite predictable.

The 18 population AOE2 Mongol Scout rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
3 wood with lumber camp
1 build house and lure boar
1 more to boar
4 berries (lure 2nd boar with existing food villager)
2 to boar/sheep
click feudal
Whilst Advancing
move 4 from food to wood
make a house and a barracks

Feudal Age

immediately research double bit axe
mill deer with 4 food villagers
research horse collar
make farms with new villagers
research wheelbarrow at around 15 farms
make stable
make 3 new scouts (or more)

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