Man At Arms AOE2 Build Orders

Here you will find different AOE2 build orders that involve a Man at Arms rush. This is a really strong strategy as the Man at arms is the strongest unit in the Feudal Age. You’re also able to create militia fairly early in the game and send them to the enemy base to prevent walls from being made. Then, you will upgrade them to Man at arms at the barracks. Once upgraded, you will want to cause as much damage as possible to your opponent as there has been quite a big investment in resources in getting them, so you need to make them count.

Once you have completed the initial rush, you can follow up with a different rush, such as archers or towers. Man at arms in to scouts can be good at low to mid levels as players don’t generally wall around the resources that are being collected. At higher levels, that strategy man be a problem due to not being able to attack the enemy due to those walls. You will generally see archers as a follow up to a Man at arms rush but it can also be really strong if supported by towers.

AOE2 Man at arms into scouts build order

Man-At-Arms Into Scouts

A strong build order that really packs a punch. Using Man at arms to deny walls being built and kill spearmen whilst your scouts raid their eco

AOE2 Man at arms and towers build order

Man-At-Arms Into Towers

A towers can be easily destroyed by villagers. Use Man at arms to protect them, raid and deny military production buildings being built.

AOE2 Man At Arms into archers build order

Man-At-Arms Into Archers

A build order from the Cicero mod, this enables you to deny walls being built and kill skirmishers whilst your archers raid the enemy economy

AOE2 build order japanese man at arms and archer rush

Japanese M@A Archers

An advanced build order that lets you attack with Japanese fast attacking Man at Arms early. advances with 20 population.

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