AOE2 Man At Arms into Scouts Build order

AOE2 Man at arms into scouts build order
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This is a generic Man at arms rush in to scouts build order that can be used with any civilization, however other civs will have specific bonuses that can make this quicker. A Man at arms rush is generally a really strong opening build order in AOE2 and is one that professional players often use. The advantage of the Man at arms rush is that you will be able to reach your enemy base with militia before they have walled their base. This particular variation of a man at arms rush is not seen often. It is thought that this strategy is too demanding on your food economy and your enemy can wall around their resources to prevent an attack. I tend to find that it works well though and have had great feedback from players who have tried this.

As soon as you reach the Feudal Age, you can research the Man at Arms upgrade to then raid your opponents economy with Man at arms or prevent them from making military buildings. Follow this up with a good scout rush and you will certainly cause your opponent a lot of damage. As long as your Men at arms are still alive, they will protect the scouts from any spearmen that are made to counter them. To keep your Man at arms alive, keep them on stand ground so that they don’t follow villagers to the enemy town centre and die. This build order is even stronger if you’re able to collect deer before making farms.

The AOE2 Man at Arms rush into Scouts build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood with Lumber camp
1 lure boar
1 to make 2 houses then mill berries
4 to berries (lure 2nd boar with food villager)  
2 boar
1 barracks + house then wood
2 gold
click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

make 3 militia
move 5 villagers from food to wood
get 40 gold in the bank
move gold villagers to berries

Feudal Age

immediately research Man At Arms
research Double Bit Axe & Horse Collar
new villagers to straggler trees.
Make farms when you have 60 wood
Move berry villagers - 5 to gold, 2 farms
Make Stable
Make 3-4 scouts
research wheelbarrow at around 15 farms

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