AOE2 Man At Arms Into Archers Build Order

AOE2 Man At Arms into archers build order
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This is the generic AOE2 Man at Arms into Archers build order which can be completed with any civ. This is the standard meta as demonstrated in Cicero’s build order mod which can be used in game. The aim of this build order is to have your militia already at the enemy base, preventing them from walling in time for the Man-at-arms upgrade to come in, which will be researched upon reaching the Feudal Age. 

Ideally, your militia will be harassing the enemy villagers, preventing them from building military buildings, slowing down their rush. This will give you time to then build archery ranges, make archers and attack their economy without completed walls or much of an army to defend with. If the enemy has walled, the men at arms will be able to take the walls down whilst the archer target any villagers who come to repair the wall or build houses behind it. 

This AOE2 build order can be really effective as it is quite aggressive and is one of the most common strategies used by the pro’s. There are other variations of this build order which can be completed sooner than 23 population due to their civ bonuses Japanese, Britons, Ethiopians etc.

The AOE2 Man at Arms into Archer rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with LC)
1 boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
5 berries (lure the 2nd boar with a villager from boar)
2 boar
1 build barracks then to wood
2 gold
LoomClick up to Feudal Age

Whilst Advancing

Move 4 villagers from sheep to wood with a new lumber camp
make 3 militia and attack
once sheep have ran out, make 4 farms and send 1 to wood

Feudal Age

research man at arms
2 new villagers to wood
8 new villagers to gold
research double bit axe & horse collar
make 2 ranges plus blacksmith
research fletching

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