AoE2 Malay Elephant Rush Build Order

AOE2 Malay Elephant Rush Build Order
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This AOE2 Malay Elephant rush build order is based on HumzaCrumza’s 20 elephants in 20 minutes build order. This version however, enables you to have a good economy behind the rush. This is so that you have a plan B if the rush doesn’t work! 

This build order enables you to fast castle with the Malay and immediately produce elephants from 2 stables. You should reach 20 elephants in 20 minutes and still maintain villager production throughout this time. Once you have 20 elephants, go on the attack and begin getting the blacksmith techs and husbandry. Husbandry is really important as elephants move so slowly that it will take a long time for them to move across the map. It will also help them to react more quickly to any enemy monks that are trying to convert them.

This can be a really strong strategy and is only really viable for maps like Hideout and Arena and is too risky to try this on an open map like Arabia. Having 20 Elephants smashing through your palisades and destroying your buildings in a matter of seconds certainly makes you panic!

It can be vulnerable to mass pikes with monks so if your opponent has been expecting it and has prepared, then you will be in real trouble. Thankfully the economy that you will have behind the rush will enable you to make a switch in to crossbowmen if you need to. This build order takes advantage of the Malay civ bonuses of having cheaper battle elephants and a faster age advance time.

The AOE2 Build order for the Malay elephant rush is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
5 wood + house 
1 lure boar
3 boar
4 wood + house
Move 4 from boar, mill deer
1 make 2 houses then to berries
5 berries
4 wood
3 gold
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

make barracks + house, back to wood 
make farms with deer villagers
sheep villagers to farms

Feudal Age

make stable and blacksmith
2 new vills to farms
Click Castle Age
Whilst Advancing
move 4 from wood to gold
move 2 from berries to gold
make 2nd stable then farm
Castle Age

Make elephants
new villagers to farms
get husbandry and armour tech

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