AOE2 Lithuanian Scout Rush Build Order

AOE2 Scout Rush Lithuanians build order
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This AOE2 Lithuanian Scout Rush build order was developed by professional Age Of Empires 2 player, Hera, one of the best players in the world. This build order takes advantage of the Lithuanians bonus of starting with an extra 150 food. This bonus means that the Lithuanians are able to advance to Feudal Age with just 18 population, making this build order one of the fastest scout rush build orders in AOE2. As you are arriving in the Feudal Age much sooner that your opponent, you should be able to launch an attack and raid their economy before they have made their walls.

Using this scout rush build order with Lithuanians is probably not as predictable as it could be with other civilizations such as the Mongols because the extra 150 food can be used for so many different strategies, whether that be a very early drush, a strong man at arms rush or even a very quick fast castle. As always, it’s best to use your scouts to distract your opponent and picking off villagers where you can, using hit and run tactics and not over committing in to an attack and losing all of your scouts. If your enemy makes spearmen to counter you, just add a range and add a few skirmishers to counter them.

The 18 Population AOE2 Lithuanian Scout Rush rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
3 wood
1 boar
1 house then berries
4 boar (lure 2nd boar)
2 berries
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

move 4 to wood from food
make house and barracks from food
1 from sheep to berries

Feudal Age

4 new villagers to sheep or berries
make stable with 2 villagers
research double bit axe
research horse collar 

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