AOE2 20 Population Khmer Archer Rush Build Order

AOE2 Khmer Archer rush
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In terms of double range Archer Rush build orders, this is probably the fastest one in the game that can be done by players at any level without having to push deer. At 20 population, this Khmer Archer rush build order enables you to reach the Feudal Age 1:15 quicker than the generic, meta 23 population AOE2 archer rush build order. That means that you can quickly mass an army and even beat off any scout rushes that come your way if the enemy has used the meta 21 population scout rush. 

Whilst there is an all-in 15 population AOE2 archer rush build order for Khmer, that only includes production from 1 archery range and can leave you very vulnerable to an attack. So whilst this technically isn’t the fastest archer rush in the game, it’s certainly one of, if not the fastest double range archer rush. As always, your archers will be vulnerable to their counter, skirmishers, but you should be able to mass up a large enough army and research fletching to be able to keep on top of any skirmishers that come your way.

This AOE2 Archer rush build order will enable you to constantly produce archers and villagers and to also get fletching and the eco upgrades that you need. 

The Khmer 20 population Archer rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
3 wood with L/C, make house
1 lure boar
5 more to boar (lure 2nd boar)
4 to wood 
click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

move 3 from sheep to gold
move 4 from sheep berries
move 3 from sheep to straggler trees
make 2 houses
Feudal Age
immediately make 2 ranges
research double bit axe 
4 new villagers to gold
2 farms once sheep finished
1 new villager to farm
make blacksmith, research fletching
4  new villagers to wood
make farms from now
research horse collar before 6th farm

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