AOE2 Khmer Archer Rush Build Order - 15 Population

AOE2 Khmer Archer rush
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The Khmer 15 Population AOE2 archer rush is the fastest archer rush in the game. This is very much an all-in strategy and can be very risky to attempt however, when it works, it works well! This build order only has 1 archery range, which you build forward near the enemy and enables you to have archers at the enemy base before they have walled or even made military buildings in a lot of cases. 

The aim is to delay military buildings being made so that you delay the enemy rush, distract them and make them panic! Often leads to messy games but it’s a fun one to try out! If it fails, you will have a hard time in the game but if it works, you will easily be able to add a 2nd range, advance to castle age or transition in to scouts to back up your archers. 

This AOE2 build order takes advantage of the Khmer farming bonus and the fact that buildings are not needed in order to progress to the next age. This is saving you 275 wood in the lack of a barracks and a mill! Due to the nature of this all in strategy, your ultimate aim is to gain map control and can also counter a drush or man at arms rush.

The AOE2 Khmer 15 population Archer rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
1 lure boar
2 to boar/sheep
1 to lure 2nd boar
4 more to boar/sheep
force drop food after a few seconds
click up to feudal age


Whilst Advancing

move 7 from sheep to wood
move 3 from sheep straggler trees
move 2 from sheep and go to enemy
make 1 house on the way

Feudal Age

move 3 vills from stragglers to gold
make range
make farms with forward vills
1 to gold
1 to wood
2 to berries (with 2 from sheep)


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