AOE2 Japanese Man At Arms into Archers Build Order - 20 Population

AOE2 build order japanese man at arms and archer rush
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This 20 population AOE2 Japanese Man at arms rush in to archers takes advantage of the Japanese civ bonuses of 33% faster attack speed of infantry units as well as their eco buildings costing 50% less wood. This means you have a wood saving before the Feudal Age of 200 wood. This means that you can advance up to the Feudal age with 20 population, so that you can attack your enemy sooner with those hard hitting men at arms. This Man at arms rush will help you to attack the enemy before he has finished completing his walls and will cause your opponent to panic, distracting them from their own build order. 

The Man at arms is the strongest unit in the Feudal Age, and having that extra attack speed with Japanese makes them so much stronger! The aim of this strategy is more to take advantage of the strong man at arms, picking off villager and delaying the enemy from making their own military buildings or walling their base. You will then follow up with 1 range archer production initially, which you can build forward towards the enemy base so that your army is re-enforced sooner, rather than walking across the map. With those forward villagers, you could even consider building a tower on the enemy woodline whilst your man at arms and archers cause valuable damage to their economy. 

I’m a little unsure about the fact that there is only 1 initial range. Unless you can cause damage with your man at arms, this strategy could back fire with just having 1 range. having said that, if your enemy is making archers, 1 range for skirmishers will be enough to keep up with 2 range archers. if they have gone for scouts, you should be able to easily add in a couple of spearmen. Just make sure to keep your Man at arms on stand ground when you’re attacking, so that they don’t follow villagers to the town centre and die.

The AOE2 Japanese 20 Population Man at Arms Rush Into Archers build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
2 wood
1 boar
1 house then berries
4 berries (lure 2nd boar)
1 boar
2 wood
1 to make barracks then to gold
1 to make house the to gold
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

make 3 militia and attack
move 4 to wood from food with 2nd L/C
make a house

Feudal Age

2 new villagers to gold
make archery range
research man at arms
research double bit axe
research horse collar
move 3 from berries to wood
move 2 from berries to gold

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