AOE2 Japanese Archer Rush Build Order

AOE2 archer rush japanese
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The AOE2 Japanese Archer Rush is completed at 21 population, making your rush almost a minute earlier than the generic 23 population archer rush as demonstrated in the Cicero Build Order Mod that can be used in game. An early mass of archers will give you a strong advantage over the enemy, the more units you have, the better your chances of success. Speed is everything in this game. You may even be able to beat skirmishers with the large number of archers and a bit of micro.

Due to the Japanese civ bonus of resources building costing 50% less, you’re able to save 200 wood by the time you reach the Feudal Age, meaning you can advance with less villagers, as less wood needs collecting. The standard meta for Japanese is to complete a 20 population Man at Arms rush in to 1 range archer production. That strategy takes advantage of the Japanese barracks units attacking 33% faster, meaning the Man at arms will cause more damage and arrive at the enemy base before they have had chance to wall. I feel that, because there will only be 1 archery range production, you really have to be able to cause damage with the Man at Arms for it to be an effective strategy because you will not be able to mass up an army as quickly. 

I think that the 21 population AOE2 Japanese Archer rush Build order is a great alternative and potentially better in the long run of a game.

The AOE2 Japanese Archer rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
2 wood with lumber camp
1 lure boar
1 to make 2 houses then go to berries
3 berries with mill (lure boar 2nd boar with existing villager)
2 to straggler trees (house)
2 to boar
5 to wood with new lumber camp
click feudal


Whilst Advancing

move 3 from food to gold
move 3 from food to wood
move 1 from food to straggler tree
make barracks when feudal is at 50% researched
Feudal Age

research double bit axe
5 new villagers to gold
make 2 ranges and blacksmith
make archers and research fletching
make farms with new villagers
research horse collar
research wheelbarrow when you have around 15 farms

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