AOE2 Italian Fast Castle in 13 Minutes Build Order

AOE2 Italian Fast Castle build order
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This AOE2 Italian Fast Castle build order enables you to reach the Castle Age in 13 minutes and immediately make 2 new town centres. You can then start to make a strong booming economy. It’s quite a tricky build order and can be quite tight on resources and will certainly be a lot smoother if you’re able to collect food from deer. I do not show this in the build order or video but it should be quite easy to incorporate. You could push the deer with your scout or place a mill at the deer to hunt them, delaying your farms. Once you have a good boom going, you should have a good villager advantage over your opponent. Because of this you will hopefully be able to mass up a strong army and maintain it. 

 It’s a build order that would be best used on maps like Arena and Hideout and I wouldn’t really recommend trying it on open maps like Arabia because it could be too vulnerable to a Feudal Age rush. The Italian civ bonus of cheaper age advance costs makes this build order possible. If you find this build order to be too tight on resources, try completing with an extra wood villager at the end of the Dark Age. In team games, it could be possible to complete this strategy as the pocket player (the middle player in the team), providing your allies are able to protect you from being raided. If successful, you could then sling resources to your allies to help them advance and make an army.

The AOE2 Build order for the Italian fast castle is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
1 to Straggler tree
3 berries with mill
1 lure boar
2 to straggler trees (house)
4 wood with Lumber Camp
2 to boar
make 2 farms with weak vills
2 gold

Feudal Age

2 to wood
make market and blacksmith
Whilst Advancing
research double bit axe and horse collar
Castle Age

Make 2 new TC – 3 from berries, 4 from wood
make farms

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