Generic AOE2 Build Orders

Here you will find a wide range of generic AOE2 build orders that can be used with any civilization in the game. Of course, there is an element of some being a little more specific as the Meso-American civilizations cannot scout rush for example. There is also an Eagle warrior rush which is specific to those civilizations, such as the Mayans, Incas and Aztecs.

Below you will find build orders for Drush strategies, Feudal age rushes and strategies that involves a fast castle age. examples of these are the Knight rush, the fast castle economy boom and the Fast Castle in to unique unit. You will also find a water map build order and a fast tower rush build order.

Dark Age Rush Build Orders

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Into Knights Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Knights

Advance to the Castle Age quickly following from an opening Dark Age rush and produce knights from 2 stables.

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Crossbows

An advanced build order that allows you to attack in the Dark Age before quickly reaching the castle age to make crossbows.

AOE2 Drush Into Archers Build Order

Drush Into Archers

An advanced build order that enables you to follow up a Dark Age rush with an archer rush. From Cicero's build order mod.

Feudal Age Rush Build Orders

AOE2 Archer Rush Build Order

Basic Archer Rush

A great build order for beginners looking to learn a Feudal Age rush. This is Cicero's 23 pop Archer Rush

AOE2 Man at arms into scouts build order

Man-At-Arms Into Scouts

A strong build order that really packs a punch. Using Man at arms to deny walls being built and kill spearmen whilst your scouts raid their eco

AOE2 Scouts into Skirmishers build order

Scouts Into Skirmishers

This build order starts with the generic 21 population scout rush build order but adds skirmishers to protect the scouts from spearmen.

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order

Basic Scout Rush

Another build order from the Cicero build order mod. This is completed at 21 population and is great for beginners.

AOE2 Man at arms and towers build order

Man-At-Arms Into Towers

A towers can be easily destroyed by villagers. Use Man at arms to protect them, raid and deny military production buildings being built.

AOE2 Scout Rush Build order 20 population

20 pop Scout Rush

This 20 population scout rush is the fastest generic scout rush build order. It can be a little tight on food to click up with.

AOE2 tower rush build order

18 Pop Tower Rush

A very early tower rush which you can use to push your opponent away from key resources early in the Feudal Age.

AOE2 Man At Arms into archers build order

Man-At-Arms Into Archers

A build order from the Cicero mod, this enables you to deny walls being built and kill skirmishers whilst your archers raid the enemy economy

AOE2 Galley rush Build order

Galley Rush

A standard water map build order that can be used to immediately produce galleys or fire galley from 3 docks upon reaching the Feudal Age

AOE2 Scouts into archers build order

Scouts Into Archers

Opening with 21 pop scouts, this build order transitions in to archers to kill spearman and to go into mass crossbows in the Castle Age

Fast Castle Build Orders

AOE2 Fast Castle Economy Boom Build Order

Fast Castle Eco Boom

Cicero's build order from the build order mod. Reach the Castle Age quickly and grow your economy. A great one for beginners.

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique food Unit build order

Fast Castle Food Unique Unit

Reach the Castle Age quickly with this build order, make a castle and produce your unique unit. As found on the Cicero build order mod.

AOE2 Knight Rush build order

Knight Rush

Quickly reach the Castle Age and constantly make knights from 2 stables. This is from Cicero's build order mod.

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique wood Unit build order

Fast Castle Wood Unique Unit

A slight adaptation from Cicero's build order mod, enabling you to quickly reach the Castle Age, make a castle and produce Mangudai etc

AOE2 Fast Castle Eagle Warrior Rush Build Order

Eagle Warrior Rush

This build order is an adaptation of the knight rush build order and allows you to constantly make Eagle Warriors from 2 barracks.

AOE2 Cavalry Archer Rush Build Order

Cavalry Archer Rush

A tricky one to be affective, this build order enables you to produce cavalry archers from 2 ranges upon reaching the Castle Age quickly.

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