AOE2 Galley Rush Build Order

AOE2 Galley rush Build order
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This AOE2 Galley rush build order is used to produced galleys or fire galleys from 3 docks as soon as you hit the Feudal Age. This can be a really strong build order to use on the water or hybrid maps as it enables you to quickly mass a large fleet. As with most generic build orders, this can be completed with less villagers depending on the civilization you have. For example, the Japanese can probably afford to have 2 less villagers added towards the end of dark age on wood. This is due to their civilization bonus where economy building cost 50% less wood. The Vikings do not get fire galley but excel on what once they can mass up some longboats. 

There is a quicker galley rush which only uses 2 docks. The advantage is that it will mean you can start production sooner. But the disadvantage is that you will eventually be overwhelmed by this 3 dock build order.

The main aim of this strategy is to destroy you opponents fleet and fishing economy in order to gain control of the map. You will want to begin with making fire galleys before switching to galleys. They are stronger against fishing ships and galleys and your opponent will use them. If you go for galleys first, they will be destroyed by the enemy. The counter to fire galleys is demolition rafts. Use them wisely as you only have one shot with them. If you can control the water, you win the game.

The AOE2 Galley rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood
1 new villager to lure boar
1 to make 1 house then to wood
1 to make dock, house then to wood 
1 lure 2nd boar
make 4 fishing ships
7 to boar/sheep
3 to wood
(Loom on hybrid maps, not on pure water)
click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

move 5 from food to gold
move remaining food villagers to wood
make 2nd and 3rd dock + houses
send dock builders to gold

Feudal Age

7 new villagers to berries
research double bit axe
make fire galleys

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