AOE2 Franks Scout Rush Build Order

AOE2 Franks Scout Rush Build order
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The AOE2 Franks Scout rush at 19 population is one of the best scout rushes in the game. Taking advantage of the Franks faster berry gathering speed, and the free farm upgrades, Franks are able to advance to the Feudal Age 2 villagers sooner than the standard Scout Rush meta. 

The extra HP that Franks have for their scouts results in a really strong rush. If you’re lucky your scouts will reach the enemy base before they have had chance to fully wall. Because of the extra HP, Frank scouts are a little more resistant to spearmen however you will still need to be very careful against them and only attack them if they are alone. The only civ that can 1v1 a spearman is the Sicilians. This is due to their civ bonus of taking 50% less bonus damage. They do need bloodlines to achieve this though.  Also, you can afford to attack the villagers in a manner that is less hit and run because the villager will not cause much damage to Frank scouts.

The problem with using scouts as Franks is that they strategy is very predictable and you may find your opponent walling early or making plenty of spearmen to defend with. The way to counter this would be to add an archery range once you have around 10 farms and then produce 3 or 4 skirmishers to counter the spearmen so that your scouts can continue to cause havoc.

AOE2 Franks Scout Rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 to sheep
1 to lure boar
3 to wood
1 to lure 2nd boar
1 build a house then berries
6 more new villagers to berries
Click Feudal

Whilst Advancing

send 5 from sheep to wood (no new lumber camp)
make a barracks and a house

Feudal Age

immediately make a stable and research double bit axe
New villagers to wood with 2nd lumber camp (10 on wood in total)
make scouts and attack with at least 4 (including starting scout)
Make farms with new villagers


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