AOE2 Fast Castle Into Wood Unique Unit Build Order

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique wood Unit build order
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This AOE2 Fast Castle into unique unit build order is an adaptation of the build order designed by Cicero. The Cicero build orders can be found on the interactive build order mod that can be used in game. This build order will enable you to produce wood based units rather than food units. It’s a great build order for fans of Longbowmen, Plumed Archers or Mangudai. As soon as you reach Castle Age you can immediately produce them. As with all generic build orders, this one can be completed quicker due to a civ having a specific eco bonus. 

The aim of this strategy is to quickly reach the Castle Age and to be able to build a castle straight away and then constantly produce your unique unit. On maps like arena or hideout, you could build the castle outside of your enemy walls. You may want to wall around your villagers your enemy has an army available to kill your them. However, it’s probably best to build the castle defensively to protect your eco or secondary resources. Ideally, you’d want to build the castle on top of a hill so that it can cause bonus damage to the enemy units. 

You could use this on open maps provided you’re able to wall up your base to prevent an enemy Feudal Age rush. That would be a very risky strategy but one that you may get away with at lower levels where feudal rushes aren’t as common. It can be used on an open map in a team game however, provided you’re the “pocket” player and your allies on the flanks can keep the enemy engaged with a feudal rush. Once you hit the Castle Age, you will have a good early power spike with which to cause damage with.

The AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique Wood Unit is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood (with lumber camp)
1 lure boar
1 to build 2 houses then to berries
2 to berries 
1 lure 2nd boar
2 more to berries
1 more to boar/sheep, make 2 farms with weak villagers
5 wood (2nd lumber camp)
2 gold
2 stone
Click up to feudal age


Whilst Advancing

Move 5 sheep villagers to farms and 2 to stone

Feudal Age

2 new vills to stone
immediately make a market with 2 villagers from wood
immediately make a blacksmith with 1 villager from wood
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing
when berries run out, send 2 to gold and 3 to wood
research double bit axe and horse collar when you can
Castle Age

immediately make castle and start producing units 5 new villagers to gold then the rest to farms make university and research ballistics research fletching and bodkin arrow

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