AOE2 Fast Castle Into Unique Food Unit Build Order

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique food Unit build order
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This AOE2 Fast Castle into unique unit build order can be found in the Cicero Build Order Mod that you can use in game. This build order can be used with any civilization that has a food based unique unit. A civ with an eco bonus will be able to complete this sooner. This is because they might not require as many villagers to be produced for a particular resource. 

This strategy can be great for maps like Arena and Hideout where your base is closed off. It can potentially be used on open maps in team games if you are the “pocket” player. In this situation your allies will concentrate on completing a Feudal rush to distract the enemy. You could use this strategy to build a forward castle at the enemy base, provided they are booming their economy and don’t have an army to kill your villagers. You could build the castle in a defensive position, securing your base from a Castle Age push from your opponent. Certainly on open maps, it would be best to build the castle in a strong, defensive position.  This will help to protect your economy or gain further map control near to your secondary resources.

Castles are best build on hills so that the arrows that they fire will cause extra bonus damage to the enemy units. Once the Castle is up, you can begin constant production of your unique unit and have an early Castle Age advantage over your enemy. Make the most of them and go on the attack! I tend to find that this strategy works really well with Ethiopians (for tearing down town centres) and also massing Conquistadors as the Spanish. Conquistadors can be great vs knights in early Castle Age and will do a great job when raiding the enemy economy. They can be quite easily countered by skirmishers though.

The AOE2 Build order for Fast Castle Into Unique Food Unit is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood (with lumber camp)
1 lure boar
1 to build 2 houses then to berries
2 to berries 
1 lure 2nd boar
2 more to berries
1 more to boar/sheep, make 2 farms with weak villagers
5 wood (2nd lumber camp)
2 gold
2 stone
Click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Move 5 sheep villagers to farms and 2 to stone

Feudal Age

2 new vills to stone
immediately make a market with 2 villagers from wood
immediately make a blacksmith with 1 villager from wood
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing
when berries run out, send 1 to gold and 4 to food
research double bit axe and horse collar when you can
Castle Age

immediately make castle and start producing units 5 new villagers to gold then the rest to farms

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