Fast Castle AOE2 Build Orders

What is an AOE2 Fast Castle?

Here we have a wide range of AOE2 build orders that involve some form of fast castle strategy. The Fast castle involves reaching the Castle Age as quickly and efficiently as possible. This means skipping Feudal Age aggression. Due to this, it’s quite a risky strategy to try in a 1v1 game on an open map. On open maps, you will need to wall up your base as quickly as possible to have a chance of the fast castle build order working.  In a team game, it’s not quite as risky as your allies can protect you from any feudal age aggression, like an archer rush. 

Different Types of AOE2 Fast Castle Strategy

As you can see from the list below, some of the fast castle build orders are for developing a booming economy. This is where you reach the Castle age and immediately make 2, or even 3, new town centres. The aim of a fast castle boom strategy is to focus purely on producing villagers before making an army. This is good for closed maps like Arena or Black Forest where you can be in a position to make an army quickly once you have a strong economy. Generally you will need 100-130 villagers although you’d need to start getting an army together before then. if you have resources, spend them! 

Other AOE2 fast castle build orders on here involve build orders that allow you to immediately make a castle, or to carry out a castle age rush with Knights, Eagle Warriors or Cavalry Archers for example. Some of the build orders are specific to a certain civilization.

AOE2 Fast Castle Eagle Warrior Rush Build Order

Eagle Warrior Rush

This build order is an adaptation of the knight rush build order and allows you to constantly make Eagle Warriors from 2 barracks.

AOE2 Malay Elephant Rush Build Order

Malay Elephant Rush

Based from HumzaCrumza's 20 elephants in 20 minutes build order, here you can achieve that and have a decent eco to fall back on.

AOE2 burgundians cavalier rush build order

Burgundian Cavalier Rush

How to knight rush as the Burgundians. Quickly reach the castle age and produce cavalier from 2 stables

AOE2 Sicilian fast first crusade build order

Sicilians Fast First Crusade

A crazy AOE2 Sicilians build order. This will enable you to attack with 35 Serjeants in less than 19 minutes.

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique wood Unit build order

Fast Castle Wood Unique Unit

A slight adaptation from Cicero's build order mod, enabling you to quickly reach the Castle Age, make a castle and produce Mangudai etc

AOE2 Fast Castle Economy Boom Build Order

Fast Castle Eco Boom

Cicero's build order from the build order mod. Reach the Castle Age quickly and grow your economy. A great one for beginners.

AOE2 Cavalry Archer Rush Build Order

Cavalry Archer Rush

A tricky one to be affective, this build order enables you to produce cavalry archers from 2 ranges upon reaching the Castle Age quickly.

AOE2 Fast Castle into Unique food Unit build order

Fast Castle Food Unique Unit

Reach the Castle Age quickly with this build order, make a castle and produce your unique unit. As found on the Cicero build order mod.

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Crossbows

An advanced build order that allows you to attack in the Dark Age before quickly reaching the castle age to make crossbows.

AOE2 Burgundians build order coustillier rush

Coustillier Rush

A quick fast castle into unique unit build order for the Burgundians. This advances 2 villagers sooner than a standard FC into unique unit.

AOE2 Knight Rush build order

Knight Rush

Quickly reach the Castle Age and constantly make knights from 2 stables. This is from Cicero's build order mod.

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Into Knights Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Knights

Advance to the Castle Age quickly following from an opening Dark Age rush and produce knights from 2 stables.

AOE2 Italian Fast Castle build order

Italian Fast Castle

An intermediate to advanced build order which enables you to reach the Castle Age with 22 population. Push deer for best results.

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