AOE2 Eagle Warrior Rush Build Order

AOE2 Fast Castle Eagle Warrior Rush Build Order
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This AOE2 Eagle Warrior Rush build order can be completed by any of the Meso-American civilizations. This strategy is very much like the Knight rush, with the same strengths and weaknesses. With this being a type of fast castle age build order it means that if you are using this on an open map like Arabia, you will need to ensure that your base is suitably walled in order to protect your economy from a feudal age rush. 

The difference between this and the knight rush is that you are able to produce Eagle Scouts during the feudal age. This means that you could potentially have an army to fight off an enemy rush that may come your way. With that in mind, this could be even stronger than the knight rush because you will have already massed an army and have the production buildings ready by the time you reach the Castle age. You can cause a deadly attack on your enemy much sooner with this build order.

This strategy would be better suited to maps like Hideout, where you can complete your build order without fear of being rushed, although you might get away with it more on open maps at lower level. The aim is to raid your enemy’s economy and take down as many villagers as you can or wipe out their feudal age army before they can be upgraded to a Castle age unit.

The AOE2 Eagle Warrior Rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with Lumber Camp)
1 boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
4 berries (lure 2nd boar with existing boar villager)
2 boar, move weak villagers to farms 
6 wood with 2nd lumber camp (5 vills per lumber camp)
3 gold 
Click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

when sheep have finished make farms, 9 farms in total
when feudal age research is 50%, make a barracks

Feudal Age

Make a range or market and blacksmith
2 new villagers to gold
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing

when berries are done send them to gold
research double bit axe and horse collar
begin making eagle scouts
make 2nd barracks

Castle Age
keep making eagles, research eagle warrior and blacksmith techs

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