AOE2 Lithuanian Drush into Scout Rush Build Order

AOE2 Lithuanian Drush Into Scouts Build Order
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This AOE2 build order is a Lithuanian drush into scouts build order. The beauty of this build order is that you will be able to complete a Drush 2 minutes earlier than normal (at around 6 minutes). This allows you to take the enemy by surprise and prevent them from walling up their base and even building their own barracks. This isn’t quite as early as Hera’s 3 minute Drush. But it’s a lot more of a solid build order and is easier to pull off whilst still having the advantage of an early Drush.

Another great thing about this build order is that it transitions in to a 21 population scout rush very easily and almost feels like the Drush never happened in terms of the impact on your economy. This means you can quickly capitalise on the fact that you have been able to prevent the enemy from making walls with a fast and effective scout rush. As with any AOE2 Drush build order, it can be quite tricky to micro the militia and manage your economy at the same time and I would class this as an intermediate to advanced build order.

This build order takes advantage of the Lithuanian civ bonus of starting with 150 extra food and is a great build order to use if you want to cause early damage, prevent your opponent from walling and also to take map control. Now your only decision is whether you use this build order with Lithuanians, or whether you use the 18 population scout rush build order instead!

AOE2 Lithuanian Drush into Scouts build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

3 Starting Villagers to wood
6 new vills to Sheep
1 new villager to lure boar
1 to make 2 houses + barracks then to berries
2 new villagers to boar (lure 2nd boar)  
1 to straggler then mill
Make 3 militia
1 collect 10 gold then sheep
2 to berries
4 to sheep
click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

make a house
move 7 from sheep to wood
move to from sheep to berries
when sheep done, go to stragglers

 Feudal Age

make stable with 2 from stragglers
research double bit axe and horse collar
make farms with straggler villagers
make farms with new villagers

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