AOE2 Drush Into Archers Build Order

AOE2 Drush Into Archers Build Order
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This is the generic AOE2 Drush Into Archers Build order which is the standard meta as demonstrated in the Cicero interactive build order mod that can be used in game. The Drush (dark age rush) is probably an intermediate to advanced build order because it includes a lot of micro-management of your militia whilst trying to concentrate on also macro-managing your economy and completing your build order. With this in mind, it can be quite common for you to leave your militia unattended and for them to walk in to the enemy town centre and die. The “stand ground” stance is a great way to stop this from happening! The aim of a Drush is to harass your opponent and to generally be annoying. 

Your aim is not to kill villagers, just to distract your opponent, make them have idle time at the town centre or to prevent villages from collecting resources or to prevent them from making military buildings or walls. All of this will enable you to get a head start in the game and to be able to mass archers sooner than them and then cause further damage to their economy with the archers. To achieve this, you need to constantly use hit and run tactics with your militia until your archers arrive, as villagers can kill militia quite easily. This is quite a strong build order and is a strategy that you often see at Pro level. 

The AOE2 Drush Into Archers rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with LC)
1 boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
3 berries (lure 2nd boar with food existing boar villager)
1 to collect 10 gold then go to wood
1 to make barracks and house then wood
make 3 militia then attack
7 new villagers to sheep, send 3 to farms
Click up feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Once sheep are finished, move 6 to wood and 4 to gold

Feudal Age

make 2 ranges and blacksmith
5 new villagers to gold
make archers and research fletching
make farms with berry villagers

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