AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Into Knights Build Order

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Into Knights Build Order
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This is a generic build order for a Drush Fast Castle into Knights and can be completed with any civ, although some civ’s with eco bonuses should be able to click up to feudal with 1 or 2 less villagers. As with most Drush build orders, this is quite an advanced strategy because you have to micro-manage your militia whilst also trying to manage your economy and complete the rest of your build order. It can be difficult to do both and often, those players who do not drush often, can be too focused on micro-managing the militia and forget about the economy. 

The main aim of a drush is not to kill your opponents villagers, but to cause your opponent to be distracted and slow down his build order. This will also force his feudal rush to be delayed by having to kill your militia. You will achieve this by using hit and run tactics at the opponents wood-lines or berries or gold. It’s really important that you ensure that their stance is set to stand ground. If you don’t they will follow villagers back to the town centre and die. 

The drush will buy you some precious time to wall up your base and advance to the castle age quickly to gain access to the much more powerful knight. A follow up with knights will ensure that you can hit your enemy hard and fight off any feudal age army that your opponent might have with ease, break down palisade walls easily and raid their economy. The Drush fast castle in to knights is certainly a strong and deadly strategy and is one often used by pro’s.

The AOE2 Drush Fast Castle into Knights build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with Lumber Camp)
1 lure boar
1 to make two houses then berries
3 berries with mill, lure 2nd boar with a boar villager
1 to mine 10 gold then go to wood
1 to make barracks and house then farm
make 3 militia as soon as barracks is built then attack
4 to wood with 2nd lumber camp
2 berries
5 to sheep
Click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

immediately move 4 villagers from sheep to gold
make farms once sheep run out (9 farms total)

Feudal Age

2 new villagers to gold
immediately make stable and blacksmith
click castle age

Whilst Advancing
research bloodlines and blacksmith upgrades
make 2nd stable
Castle Age

split berry villagers between food and gold (4F + 2G) research double bit axe 2 new villagers to farms make 6 knights and then attack, keep adding knights

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