AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order
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This is the standard AOE2 Drush Fast Castle build order whenever someone thinks of a Drush Fast Castle. A Drush FC usually consists of a dark age rush with militia, walling up your base and the make crossbows upon reaching the castle age. This build order is the standard drush fast castle into crossbows build order and can be completed with any civ, although civs with a good eco bonus can probably reach the castle age a little sooner, with 1 or 2 less villagers. 

The main aim of the drush is to harass your opponent, distracting them and causing them to make mistakes through hit and run tactics. Your aim is NOT to kill villagers. The militia are not generally strong enough for this, although if there is a good opportunity to do so, then take it. Do remember to keep your militia on the stand ground stance so that they don’t follow enemy villagers to the town centre and die. 

This build order will enable you begin producing archers whilst advancing to the castle age so that you have an army ready for when you reach the castle age and can upgrade them to crossbowmen straight away and then go on the attack. As with all drush build orders, this is advanced and you may struggle to micro manage your militia and manage your eco and follow the build order at the same time. if you can do it effectively however, it can be a really strong strategy to use and is one that is often used by professional players.

The AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with Lumber Camp)
1 lure boar
1 to make to houses then berries
3 berries with mill, lure 2nd boar with a boar villager
1 to mine 10 gold then go to wood
1 to make barracks and house then to wood
make 3 militia as soon as barracks is built then attack
4 to wood with 2nd lumber camp
2 berries
5 to sheep
Click feudal age

Whilst Advancing

immediately move 4 villagers from sheep to gold
make farms once sheep run out

Feudal Age

2 new villagers to gold
immediately make range and blacksmith
click castle age
Whilst Advancing
make archers and get blacksmith upgrades when possible
Castle Age

split berry villagers between wood and gold
research double bit axe
make 2nd range
2 new villagers to farms
research crossbow

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