Drush AOE2 Build Orders

Here you will find different AOE2 Drush build orders. Most of these are generic build orders that can be used with any civilization. There is, however, a build order that is specific to the Lithuanians which takes advantage of their 150 extra starting food, transitioning in to 21 population scouts with ease.

A “Drush” is a dark age rush, where you attack your enemy with militia, quite early in the game. The main aim of a drush strategy is to distract your opponent, causing them to stop villager production or to stop the villagers from collecting resources. Your aim is not to kill villagers, just buy yourself time to get an economic advantage over your opponent or prevent them from walling their base. This will allow your main rush to enter the enemy base and cause some serious damage! Quite often, you will see this strategy with Goths, Aztecs, Bulgarians and Japanese but at higher levels it is used with almost any civilization in order to prevent the walls from being built.

AOE2 Drush Into Archers Build Order

Drush Into Archers

An advanced build order that enables you to follow up a Dark Age rush with an archer rush. From Cicero's build order mod.

AOE2 Lithuanian Drush Into Scouts Build Order

Lithuanian Drush Scouts

An intermediate to advanced build order that enables you to drush earlier than usual and execute a 21 population scout rush.

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Into Knights Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Knights

Advance to the Castle Age quickly following from an opening Dark Age rush and produce knights from 2 stables.

AOE2 Drush Fast Castle Build Order

Drush Fast Castle Crossbows

An advanced build order that allows you to attack in the Dark Age before quickly reaching the castle age to make crossbows.

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