AOE2 Sicilian Donjon Rush Build Order

AOE2 Donjon rush build order sicilians
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The AOE2 Donjon Rush with the Sicilians was the first build order that I developed following the release of the Age Of Empires 2: Definitive Edition – Lords Of The West DLC. The Donjon rush build order is essentially a modified version of the generic 18 population tower rush build order however this advances at 20 population as you need more villagers on stone due to the higher cost of the Donjon. This Donjon Rush build order allows you to rush your opponent in the Feudal Age, surround them with Donjon’s and create Serjeants to harass their economy further. Upon reaching the Castle age, the Sicilian player can then unleash a flood of Serjeants on to the enemy once their economy is a bit bigger.

The Donjon is a unique building in Age of Empires 2 as it is a tower that creates a unique unit. Not only that, the Serjeant, the unique unit, can actually build more Donjon’s. This allows the villager to get back to work gathering resources whilst the Serjeants carry on building more and more Donjons. The Sicilians are certainly a unique civilization, having the only military unit in the game that can make buildings and the only towers that can make a unit!

When applying the AOE2 Sicilian Donjon Rush build order, you will want to make sure that you wall around the Donjons because villagers can bring them down quite easily despite having more HP than a regular tower. You will generally play the Donjon rush in the same way in which you would play a regular tower rush. If you enjoy tower rushing in Age of Empires 2, you’ll certainly enjoy the Sicilian Donjon rush!

The AOE2 Donjon Rush Build order for the Sicilians is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
2 wood with Lumber Camp
1 new villager to lure first boar
1 more to boar
1 to make a house and then a mill at the berries
1 more to berries
1 to lure the 2nd boar
4 villagers to sheep
2 wood

Research Loom
Click Feudal Age

Whilst Advancing

move 5 from food to stone
move 2 from food to wood
send 4 villagers forward to enemy

Feudal Age

make 2 farms with sheep villagers
research double bit axe
4 new vills to berries
2 or 3 to gold
make farms with new villagers
make Donjons
send berry villagers to wood
make 3 Serjeants
get horse collar when you can

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