Civ Specific AOE2 Build Orders

Here you will find all of the AOE2 build orders that are available for specific civilizations. You will find a range of different strategies, whether they’re an archer rush, scout rush, drush or some kind of fast castle strategy. We also have the infamous “Persian Douche” and the Inca tower rush. The Ethiopian Archer rush seems to be my most popular civilization specific archer rush on the YouTube channel and I’ve even been beaten by it myself a few times during a 1v1 game.

Fast Castle or Boom AOE2 Build Orders

AOE2 Malay Elephant Rush Build Order

Malay Elephant Rush

Based from HumzaCrumza's 20 elephants in 20 minutes build order, here you can achieve that and have a decent eco to fall back on.

AOE2 Burgundians build order coustillier rush

Coustillier Rush

A quick fast castle into unique unit build order for the Burgundians. This advances 2 villagers sooner than a standard FC into unique unit.

AOE2 Turks Fast imperial build order

Turks Fast Imperial

An old, tried and tested build order that is best used on closed maps and works really well in team games with allies slinging resources.

AOE2 burgundians cavalier rush build order

Burgundian Cavalier Rush

How to knight rush as the Burgundians. Quickly reach the castle age and produce cavalier from 2 stables

AOE2 Cuman Boom

Cuman Feudal Boom

The standard build order to boom your economy with 2 town centres in the Feudal Age. Best used in team games on closed maps.

AOE2 Sicilian fast first crusade build order

Sicilians Fast First Crusade

A crazy AOE2 Sicilians build order. This will enable you to attack with 35 Serjeants in less than 19 minutes.

AOE2 Italian Fast Castle build order

Italian Fast Castle

An intermediate to advanced build order which enables you to reach the Castle Age with 22 population. Push deer for best results.

Archer Rush AOE2 Build Orders

AOE2 Britons Archer Rush Build Order

Britons Archer Rush

Specifically for the Britons, this build order makes use of the faster sheep collection to advance at 22 pop

AOE2 Khmer Archer rush

Khmer 15 pop Archers

An advanced build order where you attack with one opening archery range to gain map control and delay your enemy's military buildings

AOE2 Ethiopian Archer Rush Build Order

Ethiopian Fast Archers

A great build order that advances at 21 pop and takes advantage of the Ethiopian fast firing archers

AOE2 Khmer Archer rush

Khmer 20 pop Archers

An intermediate level build order allows you to use 2 ranges as you normally would but advance 3 villagers earlier.

AOE2 archer rush japanese

Japanese Fast Archers

Due to the Japanese eco bonus, you're able to advance at 21 pop with this build order

AOE2 Vietnamese Archer Rush Build ORder

Vietnamese Fast Archers

An intermediate build order that advances with 21 population due to their eco bonus

Scout Rush AOE2 Build Orders

AOE2 Scout Rush Lithuanians build order

18 Pop Lithuanian Scouts

One of the fastest scout rushes in the game. Advance with 18 population using their eco bonus on +150 starting food

AOE2 Mongols Scout rush build order

18 Pop Mongol Scouts

An intermediate level build order that enables you to attack quickly by advancing at 18 population due to the Mongols hunting bonus.

AOE2 Franks Scout Rush Build order

19 Pop Franks Scouts

An intermediate build order that advances with 19 population due to the Franks berry gathering bonus and free horse collar.

Aoe2 Scout Rush Build Order Teutons

19 Pop Teutons Scouts

An intermediate build order that advances with 19 population due to the Teutons cheaper farms meaning less banked wood is needed.

Drush or Man At Arms AOE2 Build Orders

AOE2 Lithuanian Drush Into Scouts Build Order

Lithuanian Drush Scouts

An intermediate to advanced build order that enables you to drush earlier than usual and execute a 21 population scout rush.

AOE2 build order japanese man at arms and archer rush

Japanese M@A Archers

An advanced build order that lets you attack with Japanese fast attacking Man at Arms early. advances with 20 population.

Other AOE2 Build Orders

AOE2 Persian Douche Build order

Persian Douche

The most notorious build order in the game. A strategy that's thought to be unsportsmanlike, hence the name.

AOE2 Portuguese fast imperial fortress build order

Portuguese Fast Imp - Fortress

Can only be completed on Fortress. This build order enables the Portuguese to reach Imperial Age in 15 minutes.

AOE2 Donjon rush build order sicilians

Sicilian Donjon Rush

This build order is based on the 18 population tower rush but advances with 20 population. The Donjon also allows the creation of Serjeants

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