AOE2 Cavalry Archer Rush Build Order

AOE2 Cavalry Archer Rush Build Order
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This is a generic build for a Cavalry Archer rush in AOE2. This involves a fast castle and to then constantly create Cavalry Archers upon reaching the Castle Age. It can be a very risky strategy to use on open maps like Arabia due to the fast castle nature of the build order. It’s also very difficult in terms of getting all of the upgrades that you need because not only do they need the blacksmith upgrades, they also need stable upgrades and ballistics for a university. That’s a lot on investment into a unit that shoots too slowly and takes a while to train. However, if you like Cavalry Archers then you might enjoy this strategy.

The Cavalry Archer rush build order works much better with Tatars due to the free thumb ring tech and the extra sheep and extra food collected from sheep. This helps the Tatars to be able to afford all of the upgrades much more easily. The mobility of Cavalry Archers does make them a formidable unit to come up against however they aren’t generally thought of as being effective until the late Imperial Age once all of the techs have been researched. If micro managed poorly in the Castle Age, knights will easily catch them and wipe them out and they are also very vulnerable to skirmishers.

The AOE2 Build Order For The Cavalry Archer Rush Is As Follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 wood with Lumber camp
1 lure boar
1 to make 2 houses then mill berries
4 to berries (lure 2nd boar with food villager)  
2 boar + 2 farms with weak villagers
6 to wood with 2nd lumber camp
3 gold
click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

make 6 more farms
move 1 villager from food to gold
make barracks when feudal research is 50%

Feudal Age

immediately make range and blacksmith
2 new villagers to gold
click castle age
Whilst Advancing
move berry villagers 3 to wood, 2 to gold
research double bit axe and horse collar
make 2nd range and house
Castle Age
4 new villagers to wood
research bow saw
make cavalry archers
New villagers to farms
get blacksmith upgrades
build stable for bloodlines and husbandry

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