AOE2 Burgundian Coustillier Rush Build Order

AOE2 Burgundians build order coustillier rush
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This AOE2 Burgundians build order for a Coustillier rush is now out of date as this is not taking into account the latest buff where eco tech’s are now 50% cheaper. You should now be able to get double bit axe at around villager 11, which will give you a better wood boost than described below. Also, Coustillier are no longer the over powered unit they were upon release of Age of Empires 2 Definitive Edition Lords of the West DLC. However, this is a good build order getting a castle a little earlier than the standard fast castle into unique unit build order for AOE2. 

The Coustillier are unique to the game in respect that they have a special attack that recharges over time. This is to represent them charging into battle and causing initial shock damage to an army. The Coustillier are still a great unit for raiding an enemy economy and and wipe out an enemy woodline in seconds! This will certainly help to give the Burgundian player and edge in the game. As with all cavalry, the Burgundian Coustillier is vulnerable to pikeman however, hit and run tactics using the charge attack can be useful against them. 

With the latest buff enabling you to get double bit axe earlier than the build order below, you may even be able to advance at 25 population instead of 26.

The AOE2 Burgundians Build order for a Coustillier rush is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
1 to lure the first boar 4 to wood and lure the 2nd boar with a food villager 1 to build 2 houses then to berries 3 to berries *drop off food and research double bit axe* 2 more to boar 4 new villagers to wood, make 2 farms with weak villagers 2 gold 2 food loom Click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Move 2 sheep villagers to stone
Get 9 farms in total

Feudal Age

2 new vills to stone
immediately make a market with 2 villagers
immediately make a blacksmith with 2 villagers
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing
Builders go to stone
research horse collar 
Castle Age
Make castle with stone villagers
2 new villagers to gold
berry villagers to gold
2 new villagers to wood
Castle builders - 6 to wood and 2 to stone
make farms with new villagers
research bow saw

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