AOE2 Burgundian Cavalier Rush Build Order

AOE2 burgundians cavalier rush build order
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Here is how to knight rush if you’re playing as the Burgundians. This AOE2 Burgundians build order for the cavalier rush is a little out of date as the Burgundians have recently received a buff. Their eco upgrades now cost 50% less food than they did when I created this build order. This should mean that you can research double bit axe at around 11 population rather than 16 or 17. This should make the build order a little bit smoother to complete. This is a great build order to use in team games or closed maps like Hideout. As with any knight rush build order, this Burgundian cavalier rush is very vulnerable should you use this on an open map like Arabia. You will be able to wall, especially since the new buff, but you’ll still be leaving yourself vulnerable to a feudal age attack.

As well as the cheaper eco upgrades that are also able to be researched 1 age early, the Burgundians also benefit from other bonuses that make this build order possible. Firstly, the Burgundians are able to research cavalier in the castle age, hence why it is like a knight rush. secondly, the Burgundians also have a bonus where their stable technologies are 50% cheaper. This gives you a great saving on resources once you take into account the cheaper husbandry and cavalier upgrades, saving you 225 food and 150 gold. This also helps with researching Paladin as soon as you hit the Imperial age because the upgrade costs just 650 food and 375 gold. 

The downside of using the Cavalier as the Burgundians is that they don’t have bloodlines. In the castle age however, a Cavalier has the same HP as a knight with bloodlines and +2 attack, making them as good as a Lithuanian knight with 2 relics.


The AOE2 Burgundians Build order for a Cavalier rush is as follows:-

Dark Age

6 Sheep
4 to wood
1 to lure the first boar 1 to build 2 houses then to berries 4 to berries, lure the 2nd boar with an existing villager
*drop off food and research double bit axe* 2 more to boar, make 2 farms with weak villagers 5 new villagers to wood + build a house 3 gold Loom Click up to feudal age

Whilst Advancing

Make a barracks
Get 9 farms in total

Feudal Age

2 new villagers to gold
immediately make a blacksmith and a stables
click up to castle age
Whilst Advancing
Make a 2nd stable
research horse collar and bow saw
1 from berries to farm
4 from berries to gold
Castle Age
make farms with new villagers
research Cavalier

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