AOE2 Britons Archer Rush Build Order

AOE2 Britons Archer Rush Build Order
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This AOE2 Britons Archer Rush Build Order is specifically used for the Britons and advances to the Feudal Age at 22 population rather than the generic 23. This build order takes advantage of the Britons civ bonus of collecting from sheep quickly, which enables you to advance to the feudal age 1 villager sooner than the generic archer rush build order. It’s fairly straight forward to do and will set you up well for a good push with crossbows in the Castle Age. The main benefit is the faster time to the Feudal age as this will mean that you can get a mass of archer more quickly, giving you an edge over your opponent.

This is quite an old build order and used to be the meta build order to use as Britons. I have recently seen faster build orders such as 21 population and even 19 population however I think the 19 population build order may only use 1 archery range to begin with. I shall look in to that one and see if it is better than this….

AOE2 Britons archer rush build order is as follows:-

Dark Age

5 vills to sheep
4 to wood (with LC)
1 to lure boar
1 more to boar
1 build 2 houses then berries
3 berries and lure 2nd boar with existing villager
3 boar/sheep
3 wood with 2nd lumber camp
Click up to Feudal Age


Whilst Advancing

As soon as you click up, send 4 villagers from food to gold and 3 to wood so that you have 5 on each lumber camp. 3 remaining villagers on sheep - 1 goes to build barracks when feudal age research is at 50% and the other 2 will go to straggler trees once the sheep is finished.

Feudal Age

Make 2 ranges and blacksmith
research double bit axe & horse collar
4 or 5 new villagers to gold
research fletching
attack with 6 archers
add more archers
new villagers to make farms

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